"No one could hurt her as much as she was hurting herself…for no one else knew the full magnitude of her folly."

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Matt Stokoe: Bunch of knobheads. Never liked them.

Matt Stokoe: Bunch of knobheads. Never liked them.

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"She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life."

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"i got lipstick
stains on my
you make it hard
for me
to leave"

charles bukowski, 1973 (via shylabeouf47)

Uuuuuh, I don’t think this is correct…

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Lykke Li | No Rest For The Wicked (A$AP Rocky Remix)

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Jemima Kirke photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart

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Courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico. Taken by Rachel Smith.

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Anonymous asked: And women should also not wear short skirts or low necklines to avoid being raped, right? Because women should always modify their behaviour to avoid negative consequences, it's never asshole men doing the wrong thing. Reposting outfit photos for porn (even when clearly indicated as not for that purpose) is a choice made by a man to violate a woman's agency. But sure, go ahead, blame women for flaunting it. That'll fix it.

First of all, this applies to everyone who is posting pictures of themselves online. Once they’re online, you don’t really have a choice where they go.  The same way that if a person wears something flashy outside that means it is open to the public’s interpretation, open to be talked about, thought about, even masturbated to if that’s their fancy. By the way, reposting provocative images does not equate to rape, so don’t even go to that extreme. It is understandable to make the relation between wearing a certain garment in public and getting looked at (which is like what this is) versus getting catcalled or harassed about it, which would be like a person seeing these images and sending harassing messages. And if you become so offended that someone is looking at you, then a. don’t post pictures of yourself for the public to see and b. figure out why you react that way because anyone looking at you could be thinking something libidinous, and if you have such a problem with not having that control, then you possibly need to assess why that is. I understand the touchiness of the subject but that’s one major flaw in the carriers of these view points is that they are so extremely touchy and become very reactionary to differing opinions. 

And to be fair, I understand where you’re coming from and I admire you for vehemently defending the position of women, but in this scenario, I believe it is misguided.

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